The Smoooth Collection

Smoooth robe.

Robes aren’t just for boxers and pensioners during the winter. This super smoooth robe will keep you looking fly at any function, meeting or dinner party.

Gold Peanut Butter.

The creamiest, most delicious, vegan-friendly peanut butter ever. Made with roasted peanuts and mixed to smoooth perfection with coconut oil. One more thing…It’s golden!

Silky bed set.

A king-size bed set fit for any smoooth operator. But be warned, it’s so comfortable that you may oversleep. But who wants to make that 9 am spin class anyway?

Cashmere toilet paper.

Take your rear-end to three-ply heaven with the smooothest toilet paper around. Each pack contains four rolls of the softest cashmere-infused toilet paper there is. The handy travel bag means you can take a couple of rolls with you wherever you go.

Magnificent dog slide.

In just 25 minutes, take your backyard from 0 to 100 with the most audacious slide ever. At almost 33ft wide and 23ft high, you’re guaranteed to have your neighbours peering over the fence with nothing but pure envy.